Welcome to kingkodestudio

Our Story

Our company with title of studio kingkode started its activity  in  the field of mobilegame design and production at 2013. We presented GT club and  We quickly managed to attract a large number of users in this game. In 2018, we have succeeded in obtaining a knowledge-based license legally under the name of future pioneer game makers.At kingkode we have a strong,young,creative and professional team that works together friendly.we We have big and growing goals for the future of the company.



Abolghasem Pirveisi


is one of our company founder and he is our CEO. he is a patient person in solving personnel problems. He has a high technical literacy and he is too interested in buying technology products and testing them!

Mostafa Zare

Product Manager

is one of our company founder and he is a product manager that he He comes up with ideas with love and passion and managing our products. Unlike his serious appearance he is too funny and kind. his best property is that he is always available and always He carries on things with patience

Ali Azin

Technical Manager

is our technical manager. he is so expert and has a lot of experience in unity. He loves coffee and always answer to other guys questions carefully.

Ideen Molavi

Technical Manager

is our senior developer, he is hardworker, creative and solve technical team peoblems with exemplary calm.

Mahdi Rajabi


is pooltooshe projects developer and he does everything that he cans to develop better and fix bugs .he loves playing dota2 game and he has a high skill in cooking omelet.

Sepideh Maraghi

Human Resource Manager

is our company's human resource manager. all of recruitment and office work have been done bye her and she should dedicate confirmation score to them. she is a bomb of energy and when she isn’t at the office every where is too silent. she is responsible, Regular and Accurate.

Setareh Ahmadi

Game Designer

is our tastefull game designer she comes up with ideas with love and passion and design game and levels! she is a gamer of sackboy game masterpiece of sony. from when covid 19 has been prevalenced nobody couldn’t see her face.

Sheida Shabani


is one of our developer. Sheyda is hardworker, Concentrated and follow up to solve her work problem.

Alireza Majari


is GT projects developer, he is creative and too much frank. he loves rap music and car tuning.

Kimia Raeisi


Kimia is responsible for testing and reviewing the games and helps users to solve the problems they encounter. Kimia is always mischievous and funny and loves computer and mobile games.

Elahe borji


works in our users support team, she tests our games and helps to users to solve their problems. she is too Fine-hearted, calm, patient and she doesn’t let any bugs to escape from her eyes. she loves reading and watching movies.