Money Tycoon City

Money Tycoon City is a new project of King kode series. This game has been produced and published in the style of simulation, which has attracted high users in the short time that has passed since its release. In this game, you start your business and By attracting more customers, it generates more revenue and frees the characters and you are informed about the story stages of the game. At the end of each season, you will be imprisoned due to businesses against .you. The English version of this game will be released soon.

GT Club

GT Club game is a very well-made example in the style of car racing and acceleration or drag racing, which was designed and built by our team, of which more than ten million copies in Google play are downloaded and installed. One of the prominent features of this game is very diverse and up-to-date machines with high personalization capabilities, which you can compete with and upgrade with your rivals in the context of drag competitions. Also, this game was among the 5 candidates for the best Iranian games in 1996. Multiplayer and the best Iranian games from the point of view of technical achievement from the point of view of Baziato.

Classic car

Classic Car is a completely Iranian game with a large number of Iranian and foreign antique cars, which was designed and built by our team, and more than ten million copies of it have been downloaded and installed in various mickeys such as Google Play, Bazaar and Mickey Mouse. Features of this game can be more than 50 Iranian and foreign cars (of course, new cars are being added over time), simulation of driving physics and car according to reality, different personalization with the possibility of many changes, The fascinating story section pointed out