Limited Time Events run for a short period of time and offer unique Rewards you can’t get anywhere else, including Characters!

You can switch between playing the Event or your Main Game at will while the Event is active. The time remaining for the Event will always be displayed on your Main Game and in the Event itself.

What is different in an Event?

Instead of Candy, you will earn and spend a different currency.
Events are theme-based, so have their own story line and Characters have new Costumes, making it easy to tell when you’re in an Event.
Displayed at the top is your progress to your next Event reward. Tap anywhere on the bar to see your current earned Rewards and the Rewards you can still unlock.
What is the same in an Event?

The game play is exactly the same, however it is self-contained and doesn’t affect your main game.
Therefore you will still have up to 3 goals to earn Chest/story line Rewards.
Hitting Customer bonuses will still reward (event) currency and Cards.
You can still watch ads to earn currency/ profit bonuses and open aunty’s timed chest, again separate from your Main Game.
What happens at the end of an event?

Your unused event currency will be converted to candy, at a rate of 4:1 candy, to a maximum of 500 candy that will be credited to your Main Game.
The Rewards (Blackcoins, Candy, Cards) you earned will be credited to your Main Game.