Compete with other players in scheduled Events for the chance to win some deeecent Rewards!

Events are still the same format (earn X cash to get Y prize), Rewarded Leaderboards just offer another opportunity to earn even more prizes!

What kind of Rewards will be available?
Anything is possible, including Character unlocks, Costume unlocks, Cards, Candy, Blackcoins!
How are Rewards divvied out?
Leaderboards Rewards are broken into multiple tiers. The players who rank within those tiers receive a certain set of prizes.

You’ll be able to monitor your current rank in real-time to know when you need to push harder to avoid falling behind.

Once the event ends, you will collect your Milestone Rewards as per usual, then see your Final Leaderboard rank and collect your Leaderboard Rewards.

What if I play while offline?
You won’t be able to see your rank until you reconnect, so be sure to stay connected to get the most up-to-date placements.